Disturbing Rape Laws That Still Exist In The 21st Century Islamic World

Photo Courtesy of: Elite Daily

Photo Courtesy of: Elite Daily

by, Katie Gonzalez | Elite Daily

As of last Wednesday, Morocco appears ready and poised to appeal a provision of one of its most controversial laws in the penal code: Article 475. The law infamously dictates that rapists who attack minors may actually avoid a prison sentence (and any punishment at all, really) if they marry their victims.

Although the law has been scrutinized for decades, real legal action to amend the codes was spurred by a recent increase in the suicides of young women who were forced to marry the men who assaulted them. Widespread disgust for the law was especially present after 2012, when 16-year-old Amina al-Filali killed herself by drinking rat poison after seven months of marriage to her 23-year-old rapist.

The impending cancellation of the provision has prompted women’s rights activists in other Islamic-majority countries to review their own legal rights, and lobby for a similar liberalization of laws that address violence against women.

Below, we’ve looked into some of the most oppressive and outright egregious rape laws across the Middle East and North Africa.

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