Aceh fully enforces sharia

Without much fanfare, the Aceh provincial administration and legislative council have approved the Qanun Jinayat (behavior-governing bylaw) that obliges every Muslim and non-Muslim in Aceh to follow sharia, the Islamic legal code.

“The qanun does indeed oblige everyone in Aceh to follow sharia without exception,” councilor Abdulah Saleh, who was involved in the deliberation of the qanun in the council, confirmed on Thursday.

The Qanun Jinayat was approved by the legislative council on Dec. 13 and signed by Governor Zaini Abdullah. It was a revision of the controversial 2009 Qanun Jinayat that introduced the punishment of stoning to death.

Following outcry from human rights activists, the provincial administration under then governor Irwandi Yusuf refused to sign or implement the bylaw and it was deliberated again under the new administration.

Saleh said that the newly approved qanun stipulated that all violators of sharia would be tried under Islamic law regardless of their religion.

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4 Comments on Aceh fully enforces sharia

  1. G.Deckzeijl // 06/04/2014 om 21:55 //

    Thailand staat niet in de landenlijst.Ligt in de regio van Indonesië, vandaar. Iedereen sterke zenuwen? Vredelievend toch wel hè, dat woestijngeloof? Nee,ik LIEG.


  2. Zal Thailand zo toevoegen.


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