Britain’s Fate Is Sealed Following Muslim Baby Boom

In January 2014, it was announced that 320,000 children (aged under five) out of a total of 3.5 million are born into Muslim families in England and Wales. This is approximately 9.2% and demonstrates a colossal demographic change in the younger population.

Muslim_woman_babyLeftists and liberals have always scoffed at the suggestion of higher Muslim birth rates, calling it the fiction of ‘right-wing nut-jobs’. Well I don’t want to say I told you so, but it is damning evidence of the exponential Muslim growth compared to the rest of society!

Even in politically correct Britain the newsreaders had tellingly unenthusiastic expressions as they delivered the news to the nation; however there was no elaboration on the true horror of what this trend actually means. Barely registering more than a cursory check in the mainstream media, this demographic shift has far reaching consequences for the future direction Britain will take.

Muslim_women-300x223In the 2001 UK census, Muslims accounted for 3% of the population. Yet a decade later, in the 2011 census, due to birth rates and uncontrolled (and unwanted) Muslim immigration, the figure ‘officially’ rose to 4.8% (not including illegal immigrants). Now with Muslims currently reproducing at double the rate of everyone else, Britain’s future looks more Islamic than ever.

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2 Comments on Britain’s Fate Is Sealed Following Muslim Baby Boom

  1. G.Deckzeijl // 18/02/2014 om 15:39 //

    Die islamitische bevolkingsexplosie is niet zomaar uit de lucht komen vallen. Een en ander werd reeds in 1974 aangekondigd en niemand nam dat serieus. Zie alinea 9 van deze pagina:
    Nu zitten we met een demografisch effect waar de honden geen brood van lusten. Een regelrechte aanslag op het sociale vangnet van alle EU-staten.


  2. G.Deckzeijl // 18/02/2014 om 15:41 //

    …. en daar sluit hetvolgende naadloos op aan.


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