China Gets Tough On Islam, Bans The Muslim Hijab And Long Beard

By Theodore Shoebat

map_china-thumb-300x221-1235China is getting tougher on Islam, and has banned the Muslim hijab and the long beard, in a government policy called “Project beauty.” The measure will pay informants £4,750 to report people who have long beards or Islamic clothing, such as the veil.

The policy is of course being done to suppress the Turkic Muslim Uyghurs who have been wreaking havoc in China’s Xinjiang region, and China is affirming that this current inquisition against Muslims has been established as a response to the violence caused by them. This is a justifiable reason. If you think veiled women are harmless, just watch this video of a veiled Uyghur woman killing a Chinese man:

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4 Comments on China Gets Tough On Islam, Bans The Muslim Hijab And Long Beard

  1. Republikein // 29/04/2014 om 12:08 //

    Ik begrijp die verwijzingen niet altijd, Turkse Chinees,Duitse Syriër, Hollandse Marokkaan, en allemaal haten ze het land waar ze wonen, rot dan gewoon op!
    Opzouten, allemaal, maar dan ook echt allemaal. met dwang, dit is mijn land!


  2. G.Deckzeijl // 29/04/2014 om 15:26 //



  3. G.Deckzeijl // 29/04/2014 om 19:04 //



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