More French Jews drifting toward Nat’l Front party

France-EU-Elections_Horo-e1401056302484-635x357More moderate direction coupled with hardline toward ‘Islamization’ helping faction gain more mainstream recognition

A former communist, Ciardi once believed the scene at the agency was a necessary element of French efforts to help integrate new immigrants. But that changed in 2000 after the second Palestinian intifada triggered a massive increase in anti-Semitic violence, much of it committed by Arab and African immigrants.

The violence was enough to shift his political allegiance to the National Front, a far-right party long demonized by French Jews as anti-Semitic and a threat to republican values.

“I never considered voting National Front,” Ciardi told JTA. “But I realized you need to defend yourself, your community, society and country against those seeking to subdue us.”

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2 Comments on More French Jews drifting toward Nat’l Front party

  1. jitskesez // 26/09/2014 om 21:05 //

    Dit is op Voice in the Desert herblogden reageerde:
    And I’m sure Jews in the Netherlands are gravitating towards the PVV, the ONLY party who speaks out against Islamics threatening them.


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