Radical Islamic cleric declares BRITISH law is invalid…in BRITAIN

anjem choudary islamic state debateAnjem Choudary has backed ISIS and claimed UK law is not valid in Britain[PA]

The 46-year-old hate preacher made the extraordinary statement when asked if jihadist fighters returning from Syria should have their passports confiscated and be charged under anti-terror laws.

Choudary blasted: “I don’t accept British law. If you have a law, you need to apply it universally. These laws are only being applied against Muslims.

“This [anti-terror legislation] is purely being hyped-up to support the bombing campaign that is taking place in Iraq and Syria.”

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1 Comment on Radical Islamic cleric declares BRITISH law is invalid…in BRITAIN

  1. G.Deckzeijl // 24/10/2014 om 07:54 //

    Ik maak nog maar een keer duidelijk met wat voor een KLOOTZAK we hier te maken hebben.


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