Here’s The ‘Buffer Zone’ Where The US Says Iran Is Bombing ISIS

1b1During its rapid expansion throughout Iraq and Syria, ISIS has pushed its gains to within 20 miles of the Iranian border.

These gains have unnerved Tehran and has reportedly led to a number of purported airstrikes against ISIS by the Iranian Air Force. So far, the airstrikes carried out by the Iranian have focused in the ethnically and religiously mixed Iraqi province of Diyala, which butts up against Iran.

“Iran regards the area as a buffer zone and does not tolerate any military threats within that buffer zone,” Hamid Reza Taraghi, a conservative Iranian politician, told the LA Times in Tehran. Iraqi officials had  asked Iran “to be quiet about” it’s involvement.

Iranian F-4 Phantoms flying in formation

Iranian F-4 Phantoms flying in formation

“Although it is theoretically possible for Iranian planes to fly inside Iraq without any coordination with other air forces operating in the same airspace, it would be suicidal,” Aviation expert David Cenciotti told Business Insider. An unnamed US defense official told the Huffington Post that the US was at least aware of the Iranian Air Force carrying out air strikes against ISIS in eastern Iraq.

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Iran’s Air Force Is Bombing ISIS With This 40-Year-Old US Fighter Jet

Iran Air Force F 4 PhantomWikipediaIran Air Force F 4 Phantom II interceptor fighter bomber.

In late November Iran carried out a series of airstrikes close to its border with Iraq against ISIS. Although the airstrikes are already notable for signaling possible military coordination between Iran and the US, they become even more notable in light of Iran’s choice of aircraft.

Iran provided air support to the Iraqi military and the Kurdish Peshmerga with its ageing fleet of F-4 Phantoms. The Phantom, which first flew in 1958, was originally used by the US Navy as an interceptor, used to track down and destroy enemy aircraft. However, the plane was adopted by the Air Force and Marines for every conceivable combat and training role and was exported to 11 other nations.

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1 Comment on Here’s The ‘Buffer Zone’ Where The US Says Iran Is Bombing ISIS

  1. G.Deckzeijl // 29/01/2015 om 00:31 //

    Dat uitschot bedreigt het Westen ook.
    Het is te hopen dat ze tot de laatste man naar hun verzonnen 72 maagden
    worden geknald.


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