Jordan’s King Blames Israel for ISIS?!

Can King Abdullah II of Jordan be saved?
Can King Abdullah II of Jordan be saved?

In an interview with Charlie Rose on 5 December 2014, Jordan’s king made the following statement:”[There is] A necessity to move the Israeli-Palestinian issue forward, especially with all of us now are dealing with a much bigger problem; the international fight against the international jihadists…the world has moved on but if we don’t unravel this and solve this problem between Israelis and Palestinians we are going to fight this fight with one arm behind our back.”.

While this statement might sound well intended, it actually subliminally dictates an alarming rhetoric: the king is openly saying the war on global Jihadist terror–in this case he was talking about the war on ISIS– could be ineffective because of the situation in Israel. And an ineffective war means terrorists could win and kill more Americans. This is what the king told millions of American and Western viewers.

Still, the above could have passed as an exaggeration or a misjudgment, was it not for the things the king said next.

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