Marine Le Pen’s speech at the University of Oxford

Helaas niet compleet:

2.20:  She has the right to free speech, but it depends on what she says.

Nee doos, de vrijheid van meningsuiting is onvoorwaardelijk ! Anders is het namelijk helemaal niks:

Protesters begrijpen er niks van. De grootste fascistische partij is islam, niet Le Pen:

Vertaling van de speech:

Marine Le Pen speech
Oxford University – Thursday, 5 February 2015

Madam President,

Distinguished members of the Oxford Union,

Dear friends,

It is with pleasure that I responded to your invitation and it is with great honor that I speak to you today in this prestigious institution linked to the University of Oxford, the oldest Anglo -saxon and one of the most famous.

I always enjoy to go to England because with the exception of some excited professionals, the welcome is always warm but also because the political evolution of Great Britain shows (no offense to certain) that the people here share the same aspirations as the other side of the Channel.

The History of the University of Oxford is linked to France because it is the expulsion of foreigners from the University of Paris in the 12th century that led many English students to settle in Oxford, thus promoting its development.

A few centuries later, by an irony of history that has the secret, a large number of French students applying for integrating your illustrious institution.

Since 1823, your Company’s year of creation, the Oxford Union has always been a place of debate, fiercely attached to freedom of expression and all freedoms.

Today, this notion of freedom, which the British and French people are so enamored takes all sense sounds after the terrible events that have devastated France, there is a little less than a month.

One of the tragedies of our Western societies is forgetfulness of our essential and fundamental values. Liberty is, in many ways, the first of them. Smothered in the tumult of a peaceful and comfortable everyday, her cry is heard again during the dark hours.

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