Denemarken wil islamieten genezen met … islam

Denmark implements jihadist rehab: school, sport – and Islam

The Danes think they can extinguish flames by pouring fuel on the fires. Its comical to the point of tragedy.

“My aim is not to disconnect the religion, because I think it’s fine that he’s religious,” says Mads, a mentor in an innovative programme to deradicalise young Muslims.

Well, good luck with that!

Deradicalisation is a major fail. Schools, sports and Islam already exist in every single Muslim country dedicated to jihad and obviously did not work. It never works because they never start with the foundation of the problem. How much money does Denmark have to waste on these people? Just deport them and be done with it. Let them deradicalise themselves through transformations made in the Middle East. If the ME doesn’t want to transform itself – the better to isolate the Muslims there.

The Musllim Issue >>


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