Is in Tunesië en Rome

ISIS Pushes West, Eyeing a New Caliphate in Tunisia

It used to be known as the birthplace of the Arab Spring. Now, Tunisia could become the latest addition to the so-called Islamic State.

There are increased signs that the self-proclaimed Islamic State has sets its sights on expanding its caliphate to Tunisia next.In the last two weeks, ISIS has published videos taunting the government, shared pictures of some its fighters brandishing guns and made fun of a Tunisian tourism campaign in the wake of a March bombing at a museum that was reportedly carried out by ISIS. The group also has posted online photos of supposed Tunisian martyrs to its cause—though the tweets don’t make clear where those purported members died.The Daily Beast >>

En er lijkt steun te zijn. Drie dagen geleden was er nog dit bericht:

Tunesische studenten eren Adolf Hitler en IS


‘Waiting for zero hour’: IS supporters claim they are in Italy’s streets via Twitter pics

Supporters of the so-called Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) have been posting photographs allegedly taken in Italian cities, including the capital Rome, accompanied with threatening messages.

The pictures, whose authenticity cannot be independently confirmed, show police vehicles, public places and landmarks next to a bit of paper held in front of a camera. The paper has the Islamic State logo on it, the hashtagged phrase ‘Islamic State in Rome’ and an ominous message in Italian, saying “we are in your streets.”

RT >>

01Newsweek >>

Voor Nederland zijn ze te laat:


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