Hoe de islamitische barbaren in Kosovo de Serviërs van hun organen beroofden

The Albanian terrorists posing with a massacred Serb

The organ harvesting Yellow houses were located throughout Kosovo, not in Albania

Slavko Nikic is the last living member of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia (MUP)  units that fought against drug trafficking in Kosovo since 1990. till 1999.  He was an active participant in the war in Kosovo. In his latest book the author provides details about  the events in Kosovo and the crimes committed by Albanians against Serbs .

You are the last living member of a special unit that was active in Kosovo since 1990 and in 1999. You are the witness of one period . What was the approximate number of  death camps for Serbs, and are the  names of perpetrators known , what kind of torture the Serbian prisoners  were subjected to , and why is everything, even after so many years, buried  in silence ?

The exact number of camps is not known because there were located throughout  the entire territory of Kosovo and Metohija , even in the smallest hamlets in ordinary houses , perfectly camouflaged . They were opened overnight. What world public needs to know is the fact that none of the KLA commanders  could not get promotion  without having these death caps on his territory , in the area of his responsibility; so  organizing a camp for torturing and killing Serbs was a conditio sine qua non.

In the book, ” The Commander of the killer ( stories from hell ) ” Momir Lazic and me just published , I speak about that . We have published  the names of 156 KLA commanders , starting with Hashim Thaci , Ramush Haradinaj –  all of them in addition to other crimes were the ” owners” of the camps for the torture and murder of Serbs, even the Serbian children. If each of them had at least one camp , that means that there were at least 156 death camps in Kosovo i Metohija.

For the human mind has so far been unimaginable the method of removing organs without anesthesia . How sadistic and how much suffering and pain was caused by the torture , one can hardly imagine. But far the most gruesome were the cases when the children were killed before the very eyes of  the  parents , as in case of young Jovana from the village of Klecka , Lipljan . Silence of  the corrupted politicians, police officers and other members of the Security Service of the time covers all the crime against Serbs; but these who got payed for their oblivion can now easily be recognized by their enormous wealth; they tortured the martyrs again.
Their silence is the main reason for me to write the books; because, you see, there are many dead children . They took them out of the hands of parents , as well as the Turkish oppressors once during the bloody Ottoman rule . In the books of the Metropolitan of Montenegro Amfilohije Radovic you can find many  names of children who were kidnapped by Albanians and taken away.

The case of the little girl Jovana –

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