Stop islam. Tadzjikistan geeft het voorbeeld

TAJIKISTAN: How does a government crack down on Islam when more than 90% of its population is Muslim?

In the ongoing battle of Tajikistan vs Islam, Islam seems to be losing, as the government has forced Muslim men to shave their beards, banned schoolgirls from wearing headbags, barred minors from mosques, shut down independent mosques, and forced thousands of students to return home from Islamic schools abroad, in a bid to stamp out Islamic extremism.

Now, they are going after Arabic-sounding names.


In what is seen as an extension in an anti-Islam campaign, Tajikistan is deliberating on a legislation that, if passed, would see ‘Arabic-sounding’ names for newborns banned in the Muslim-majority country. The drive has already resulted in men being forced to shave their beards and women who wear hijab being labeled as prostitutes. And new regulations are being considered about whom can travel to Mecca on hajj.

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Mooi dat ze achter die islamitische namen aan gaan. Je kind mohammed noemen is toch net wel even een graadje erger dan hem Adolf Hitler noemen.

‘My name is Jihad and I am a bomb’



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2 Comments on Stop islam. Tadzjikistan geeft het voorbeeld

  1. Oh,wat een droom!Hadden ze hier maar de ballen[en het inzicht!!!]om zulke maatregelen te nemen!


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