Hypocritical Charlie Hebdo suspends journalist who criticized Islam


These are defining days. Many, many people whom I had thought to be clear-sighted, strong and courageous have proven to be cowardly, pusillanimous and self-serving, eager to betray the supporters of free speech and free society in exchange for a few more years of their miserable slave existences. Even Charlie Hebdo, the international symbol of defiance against violent intimidation and censorship-by-murder, has folded and submitted to the jihad force.

Well, it’s their loss. I don’t care if the whole world submits. I will die standing up. For whatever it’s worth, I will be among those who will not go quietly into the darkness. I know Pamela Geller will be with us as well. I know there are many others. But these are the days when even the most stalwart are faltering. These are the defining days.

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2 Comments on Hypocritical Charlie Hebdo suspends journalist who criticized Islam

  1. G.Deckzeijl // 18/05/2015 om 15:26 //

    Niet te geloven: Charlie Hebdo buigt voor het Nieuwe NAZI-fascisme.


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