Met de verovering van Ramadi heeft ISIS weer een hoop Amerikaanse wapens buitgemaakt.

Na Mosoel was dit de grootste nederlaag voor het Iraakse regime. De hoofdstad van de soennitische provincie Anbar. De grootste provincie van Irak. Precies dat gebied waar ook de Amerikanen de grootste moeite mee hadden. Weer sloeg het Iraakse leger op de vlucht. Die hebben gewoon geen zin om soennitisch grondgebied te verdedigen.


In het vorige bericht was ook al melding dat ook in Syrië de “rebellen” weer terrein winnen. Die zogenaamde coalitie tegen ISIS stelt helemaal niks voor. Dit had Allen West er over te zeggen:
Chilling ISIS army training video: This ain’t no jayvee team

Here are the numbers ladies and gents. Since we began the so-called “airstrikes” against ISIS on August 8th there have been a total of 424 airstrikes — 53 of those have been flown in support of Kobani. Out of those 423 airstrikes, 334 targets have been hit as of October 13th. That equates to 5.8 airstrikes a day since August 8th — hardly an air campaign folks, and someone should tell the National Security Advisor that this isn’t working and there needs to be a strategy — not a change, because we don’t have a strategy.

De Verenigde Staten geven per jaar 600 miljard dollar uit aan defensie en na een jaar kan IS nog steeds nieuwe gebieden veroveren. De VS willen IS helemaal niet verslaan. Dat is de enige conclusie.


Islamic State routs last elite Iraqi units from Ramadi in huge defeat for Baghdad

Social media accounts credibly associated with the Islamic State announced hours later that the operations center had been overrun, a claim that could not be immediately confirmed. Efforts to reach sources inside the facility were unsuccessful.

The units that had been attempting to retake Ramadi, which was attacked late Thursday evening and had fallen mostly into militant hands by Saturday, were in the process of fleeing the city and had abandoned dozens of U.S.-supplied armored vehicles, as well as artillery, heavy machine guns and other military gear as they fled mostly on foot from the fighting.

The elite Golden Brigade, Iraq’s premier special forces unit, which had withdrawn to the “Stadium” neighborhood south of the city on Friday to await reinforcements and prepare a counterattack had also abandoned its positions and was retreating from the area under heavy attack by Islamic State forces, according to two officers within the unit reached by phone Sunday.

“Ramadi has fallen to Daash,” one officer said. “There were many suicide bombers and many soldiers and officers are dead.”

One police officer confirmed that at least 30 U.S. supplied armored Humvees, which had been sent as reinforcements on Saturday, had been abandoned in the neighborhood of Malaab alone. Those vehicles were part of three regiments of Iraqi soldiers sent to the city on Saturday to confront the surprise offensive on one of the last government held population centers in Anbar, Iraq’s largest province.

The officer confirmed that at least 500 soldiers and police were fleeing from that area, mostly on foot, with the main highway linking Ramadi to the capital of Baghdad, about 60 miles away, completely controlled by the Islamic State.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al Abadi, responding to the unfolding crisis, went on state television Sunday evening to announce that he’d authorized the deployment of Iranian-backed Shiite militias to the area, though it remained unclear if any part of Ramadi will remain under government control by the time those troops can be deployed.

State television said that Anbar’s government council had voted Sunday to ask for the deployment, a move both the local Sunni tribes and the central government had resisted because of sectarian tensions between the mostly Shiite central government and the predominately Sunni residents of the area.

But with government forces in a full rout, all sides appeared to agree that the deployment of the militias was a necessary last resort. How effective Shiite militiamen deployed far from their home areas in an overtly hostile environment can be remained an open question but one civilian fleeing Ramadi said, “we no longer have a choice.”

The debacle unfolded despite at least seven air strikes by U.S. and coalition warplanes overnight Saturday to Sunday, with a statement from the U.S. military listing targets in and around Ramadi that had been destroyed by air strikes – including six units of Islamic State fighters and several command and control facilities used by the group – but apparently the strikes were unable to change the outcome of the battle.


The Iraqi city of Ramadi has fallen to Islamic State (IS) after government forces abandoned their positions, officials say.

The police and military made a chaotic retreat after days of intense fighting.

Reports said Iraqi forces fled following a series of suicide car bomb attacks on Sunday.

Four almost simultaneous explosions hit police defending the Malaab district in southern Ramadi. Later, three more suicide bombers drove explosive-laden cars into the gate of the provincial military headquarters, the Anbar Operation Command, officials said.

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2 Comments on Met de verovering van Ramadi heeft ISIS weer een hoop Amerikaanse wapens buitgemaakt.

  1. In het midden oosten is het altijd bal;hoe ver terug je ook kijkt>Erg voor de onschuldige burgers,maar de eniste afdoende remedie is het hele m o op te blazen;compleet uitroeien dus!Want anders stopt het nooit!En als ze het nu nog daar hielden,was het hun pakkie an.Maar ze verplaatsen zich wereldwijd om hun sprookje te promoten op een zo gewelddadig mogelijke manier!


  2. Het stopt ook nooit .Het is hier al.Ze wachten alleen hun tijd nog even af.
    Hoe meer er hier binnen komen hoe gauwer ze aan de gang gaan..


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