Obama’s Middle East Failures Look Like a Plan to Establish ISIS

The incompetence that could lead the White House to limit sorties on ISIS to twelve as Ramadi fell is so hard to grasp, that instead, one is tempted to see a trend, a trend that seems to point at a stratagem of purposely allowing the so called Islamic State to establish itself in Iraq. Surely that cannot be the case.

It doesn’t matter. Our nation is responsible for the simply monstrous incompetence and personal cowardice that has allowed for a long, horrid, and tangled list of failures to set the Middle East on fire. The disaster and the human tragedy we are now witnessing in Lybia, Iraq, Syria and Yemen far outweighs the human cost even in the worst days of the American invasion of Iraq.

Our voices are critical, for while we, as a nation, are not intimidated by our enemies abroad, we have become intimated by the voices of propaganda and hate from within. Our leaders have become so paralyzed by fear of media reprisals, that we are failing to live up to our national responsibility. It is our fault. It is not President Bush’s fault.

Here is the tedious litany of errors so horrid, that one is tempted to think that the United States foreign policy is bent on establishing ISIS in the Middle East.

First, there is the President’s unwillingness to work with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to get a status of forces agreement in 2008. We could have stayed in Iraq. We didn’t have to leave, but it was election season, and the President had promised his base. The American president abandoned the hard won victories of countless brave American men and women. He abandoned the alliances these same men and women had earned through their courage and compassion. It was a horrendous failing.

Our second national failure involved the President’s interest in the Muslim Brotherhood and the American media’s embrace of the Arab Spring. All of this led to insurrection in Syria,  the failed state of Libya, a secret arms flow of some kind and, perhaps, even to the attack at Benghazi. Were we “running guns” to Syrian revolutionaries who then became the core of ISIS?

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