I’m shocked Sweden would be so stupid… wait, Sweden is doing this, on  second thought, never mind.

Via Breitbart:

Sweden knows how to save the world from Islamic State (IS) terrorists as they tire of beheadings, crucifixions, murders and random acts of extrajudicial killing. Just be very, very nice to them.

According to WND news service, a programme to help jaded IS fighters rejoin society has started in Sweden’s Örebro Municipality, where jihadists can obtain “psychological help to overcome traumatic experiences they may have suffered while fighting in Iraq and Syria.”

Weaselzippers >>

OOPS! Denmark has been paying unemployment benefits to Danish jihadis now fighting with ISIS in Syria

Denmark’s socialist system is renowned for its generous welfare benefits. So generous, in fact, that 32 Danish jihadis fighting with ISIS have collected nearly 400,000 kroner (Approx $57,000) to support their terrorist activities abroad.

From fighting the Nazis during WWII to supporting the IslamoNazis in 2015. Go figure!