Primary school children targeted for Islamisation

Having been given planning permission to build a mosque nearby, teachers at Tang Hall Primary School have set about imposing on young pupils the ‘benefits’ and ‘superiority’ of Islam over their own culture.
The primary school children were encouraged to draw their own designs for the mosque which is to be built in their neighbourhood on Bull Lane.
The burgeoning Muslim colony in the area raised £670,000 towards their latest mosque.
In a dedicated feature, leftist York-based rag ‘The Press’ celebrated the start of the mosque’s first phase, which includes a sub-structure complete with windows and doors to accommodate the ‘sizeable congregation’.
PC indoctrinator and teacher at the school, Fiona McCallion fell over herself to lavish praise on the Islamisation project:
“I saw the article in the paper and I thought it looked wonderful. I determined there and then to let the Imam know that we at Tang Hall Primary School thought that the new mosque would be a great asset to the our local community, and a splendid work of architecture to boot.”
McCallion then decided that the children must draw their own designs for a mosque and lay them before the Imam.
To McCallion’s delight, despite being ‘an extremely busy man’, Imam Abid Salik was more than happy to inform the children of the ‘superiority’ of Islamic culture over their own, before inviting them to attend the new mosque.
“He then spoke in front of a whole school assembly,” salivated McCallion.The impressionable children were successfully ‘won over’ by the Imam and their teacher, she gloated.
The shocking photograph is reminiscent of the notorious earlier trip undertaken by another primary school where pupils were bussed to a mosque and forced to dress in Islamic clothing before being photographed (below) for publicity.

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