Parts of Rome ‘turning into no-go areas due to sanitation and security issues caused by migrants’ claim local businesses

Parts of Rome are being turned into a ‘no-go area’ because of concerns about security and sanitation linked to the huge surge of migrants in the city, local businesses have claimed.

Migrants camping near Rome’s Tiburtina station have been forcibly cleared by police amid protests by local businesses.

As the build-up of refugees at the Italian capital’s train station increased, it led to ugly clashes with police, an outcry from the right and fresh calls from Rome for EU help.

Health officials said there have been more than 100 cases of scabies in recent days and 500 since the beginning of the year.

Hundreds of migrants, mostly Eritreans arriving from southern Italy after being rescued at sea, have also been sleeping in and around Milan’s Central Station.

Giorgio Ciconali, a doctor working at Milan Central, said: ‘There is a lot of scabies and it is being spread by them sleeping ro

The country is struggling to accommodate an endless wave of boat migrants, and a crackdown on security at the borders with France and Austria has exacerbated the situation, causing a bottleneck at Italy’s train stations.


Austria and Switzerland have followed France in tightening controls and returning migrants, putting even greater pressure on Italy.

Mr Renzi said: ‘Let me be clear, Europe’s answers so far have not been good enough.’

He has now said Italy will ‘hurt’ Europe if it turns a blind eye to the migrant crisis and will implement a ‘Plan B’ to resolve the problem.

He did not specify what options he was considering, but it has been suggested that Rome could start issuing newly arrived migrants with temporary visas giving them the right to travel throughout Europe’s border-free Schengen zone.

Such a move would be politically explosive as it would undermine the Dublin accords under which EU governments agreed asylum requests should be processed by the member state where the applicant first arrived.

Italy is also considering preventing British, French, German and other naval ships from landing migrants rescued in the Mediterranean at its ports, effectively forcing those countries to accept responsibility for them.

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