De Krim; grondwet en autonomie voor de aansluiting bij Rusland

Yes. The Autonomous Crimean Republic has its own constitution and parliament, the Supreme Council of Crimea, which dates back to when Crimea was a soviet satellite state. The Supreme Council voted that Crimea should become part of Russia on Thursday, March 6. It was not the first time the Council declared independence from Ukraine: in 1992, after the fall of the USSR, the council voted to establish the independent “Republic of Crimea,” and then as now the Ukrainian government refused to recognize the ruling. In 1998, a new Crimean consitution was adopted, which stipulated that Crimea would operate as an autonomous republic but would not have sovereignty.

In 92 kreeg de Krim vergaande autonomie, die in 95 weer gedeeltelijk werd teruggedraaid. En wie bemoeide zich er destijds mee ten gunste van de tataren, mohammedanen, Max van der Stoel.

More fruitful turned out to be the activities of the OSCE Office of High Commissioner on National Minorities established in 1993. Its head, Max van der Stoel, has focused much personal attention to Crimean issues, particularly to the problems of repatriation and resettlement of Crimean Tatars, citizenship, and, also, to some provisions of the draft Crimean Constitution.


The Constitutional Process in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea
in the Context of Interethnic Relations and Conflict Settlement

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