Greece is quickly becoming a pawn between NATO and Russia

As the cash in Athens begins to run out following the rejection of European Union-led austerity measures Sunday, funding for Greece’s bloated military is also quickly disappearing, inadvertently turning the country into a political pawn in the growing standoff between the Western-led NATO, of which Greece is a member, and Russia.

Just one day after Greece’s historic referendum on a new debt relief plan, Russian President Vladimir Putin contacted Greece’s left-wing Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to express support for the Greek people, cementing the growing relationship between the two that has been building since Tsipras was elected more than six months ago.

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1 Comment on Greece is quickly becoming a pawn between NATO and Russia

  1. G.Deckzeijl // 09/07/2015 om 05:45 //

    Update: de Eerste Kamer heeft het voorstel aangenomen.
    O.a. PVV stemde tegen.
    Daar zal Vladimir Putin wel blij van worden denk ik… (sarcasmemodus ingeschakeld)


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