Muslims Take Over NY Streets — NYPD Shows Them We Don’t Follow Sharia

Every visible detail about Islam is about supremacy and power, and the more the Muslim population grows in the U.S., the more we realize that Islam means submission.

Whether sporting the hijab, blaring the call to prayer over loud speakers, or offensively dropping to the ground and raising one’s rear to the heavens, every religious display is big, loud, and in your face. They must let it be known that they belong to the elite Muslim ummah, and all other faiths and laws need to adhere to their beliefs or there will be hell to pay.

Muslims Take Over NY Streets — NYPD Shows Them We Don't Follow Sharia

New York is quickly becoming Sharia-compliant. Muslims are often allowed to block the streets, just like they do in Rome, Paris, London, Moscow, and every other Western city they begin to populate.

Although Muslims claim that there is no compulsion in their religion, their god says otherwise. In fact, because every aspect of Islam is obligatory, Muslims scramble to drop everything several times, which creates an inconvenience and sometimes unavoidable danger for unbelievers.

However, the NYPD wasn’t going to allow Muslim supremacists to endanger the population in order to perform their compulsory religious duties.

The New York Post reports that the NYPD went on a ticketing spree just outside the Islamic Cultural Center (mosque) located in the Upper West Side Drive on Friday. Apparently, dozens of Muslim taxi drivers and others selfishly blocked the streets so they could compulsively flock to the mosque in time for their obligatory Friday prayers.

The double parking and other traffic violations endanger citizens because emergency vehicles would be hindered from easily going through the streets, but don’t ask local Muslims to care about the filthy kafir’s health.

Muslims Take Over NY Streets — NYPD Shows Them We Don't Follow Sharia

NYPD handed out over 100 tickets to Muslim supremacists who believe they are above the law because they follow Islam.

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3 Comments on Muslims Take Over NY Streets — NYPD Shows Them We Don’t Follow Sharia

  1. jungleelephant // 12/08/2015 om 00:17 //

    Het is toch niet te geloven dat een stad dit gedrag accepteert?Ik kan er met de pet niet bij,echt niet,dat men het laat gebeuren dat al die kontenkruipers een hele straat blokkeren,in plaats ze met een paar honderd man helemaal lek te knuppelen!


  2. G.Deckzeijl // 12/08/2015 om 07:27 //

    Ik heb ’t meen ik ook al eens op geparkeerd te hebben.
    Maar daar is ’t nog niet helemaal tot de beheerder doorgedrongen…
    Wat op die foto’s hierboven te zien is heeft NIKS met de aanbidding van die verzonnen maangod te maken, maar ALLES met provoceren. Het heeft ALLES te maken met
    HET PROJECT* en de ZICHTBAARHEID van de islam in het Westen.
    *knop in de header. (weet je wat dat is?)
    Bekijk dit ook: leerzaam!


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