Shariah Law Gets BANNED by Alabama… Muslims Are Going Crazy –

Alabama voters were faced with a choice at the polls today, of whether or not they would allow for the possibility that they could one day find themselves facing a foreign code of laws inside of the court system of Alabama.

Much to the dismay and outcry of liberals and Muslims across the state, even the country, Alabama voters have added an amendment to their Constitution that specifically bans the consideration of foreign codes of law, most notably Islamic Sharia Law.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), took to Facebook to denounce the amendment, calling it “virulently racist” and motivated by “outright hostility towards Muslims.”

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2 Comments on Shariah Law Gets BANNED by Alabama… Muslims Are Going Crazy –

  1. G.Deckzeijl // 12/08/2015 om 07:20 //

    Islam = niks anders dan racisme.
    Lees de koran, het spat van de bladzijden af.
    Ik wil er nog niet eens dood naast gevonden worden.


  2. Deze is op herblogd
    Vreemd. Waarom denk ik ineens aan een grote shovel?


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