Palestinians Flock to Islamic State

  • The terror group Islamic State has become extremely popular among Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Four recent public opinion polls show that at least one million Palestinians support the Islamic State.
  • The Palestinians’ two governments, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA), have good reason to be worried about the Islamic State. In recent weeks, Islamic State spokesmen have issued threats against both the PA and Hamas, accusing them of “collaboration” with the “Zionist entity.”
  • Christian activist Sam Butrous noted that the widespread support for Islamic State among Palestinians is a sign of increased extremism and a denial of Christians’ rights in the Holy Land.
  • The PA and Hamas can only blame themselves for the surge of Palestinians joining the Islamic State. The two governments allow anti-Western incitement in their mosques and media outlets. Their leaders regularly glorify and endorse Palestinians who carry out terror attacks against Israelis, encouraging others to follow suit. If these Palestinians are unable to attack Israel from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, they travel to Syria and Iraq to join the jihad against Israel’s allies, namely the U.S. and other Western countries.
  • Palestinian leaders cannot evade responsibility for inspiring dozens of Palestinians to join the Islamic State. The fiery rhetoric of these leaders and ongoing incitement against Israel and the West are further radicalizing Palestinians and driving them into the Islamic State’s open arms.

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5 Comments on Palestinians Flock to Islamic State

  1. G.Deckzeijl // 22/08/2015 om 16:31 //

    Waarom verwekt dat IS-UITSCHOT nog kinderen als ze toch van plan zijn ze voor het leven te verpesten en de kinderen van anderen uitmoorden.???


  2. jungleelephant // 22/08/2015 om 16:45 //

    He,van Agt:lees je mee?Conclusie,na deze harde feiten:Palestijnen deugen niet!


  3. G.Deckzeijl // 23/08/2015 om 04:04 //

    Dries van A. kijkt hier niet.


  4. G.Deckzeijl // 23/08/2015 om 14:46 //

    Hier is dat teddybeer-killertje…


  5. G.Deckzeijl // 30/08/2015 om 18:17 //

    Dolfijn was niet bereikbaar voor commentaar….


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