AFGHANISTAN: Five year old boy dies from being brutally gang-raped

A five-year-old child in the Afghan city of Herat died this week after being the victim of a gang rape, from which he sustained fatal injuries. The incident has triggered another wave of outrage in the nation, which has struggled for centuries against Islamic cultural norms promoting rape.

This is a young Afghan boy but not the one in this story

Breitbart  (h/t Rob E) According to the Afghanistan Times, the boy, who was not named by police, was raped by two other boys in succession. The two boys, neighbors of the victim, raped the five-year-old repeatedly until they became aware that the boy’s life was in danger. According to Herat Police spokesman Abdul Rauf Ahmadi, “When the accusers came to know that [the] life of the child was in danger after [the] sexual assault then the two assaulters tried to shift the victim to [the] hospital. However, he lost his life on the way as result of serious injuries.”

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