Muslim who converted to Christianity beaten up by thugs in Bradford

A Muslim man who converted to Christianity has been beaten up on the streets of Britain in a brutal asssault that has gone viral on the internet after it was captured on the victim’s home CCTV.

Nissar Hussain, who has six children aged between seven and 23, was hospitalised with a fractured left knee cap and left hand after the two hooded men leapt from a passing car and repeatedly beat him with a pick-axe handle in Bradford, West Yorkshire, where he lives.

Conversion to another religion is regarded in Islam as apostasy and is punishable by death according to Sharia law.

Nissar Hussain, a convert from Islam to Christianity, is beaten up by thugs

Hussain, aged 49, converted in 1996 but has had to be specially on guard against attack since he and his family appeared in a television documentary seven years ago which focused on Islamic intolerance towards converts.

He, his wife Kubra and their children have already had to move house once to escape retribution from Muslims angry that the family had left the faith.

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