The end of feminism: How UK SHARIA law courts ‘sanction misogyny and marital abuse’

Judges at the secretive courts in the UK “uphold the theory and practice of the strong hold men have over women”, according to a shocking new study.

One judge is said to have laughed at a woman who claimed she was being abused by her husband, asking: “Why did you marry such a person?”

And several women were reportedly shackled by their husbands’ debts being asked for “large sums of money” for their divorce requests.

The claims were made by academic Machteld Zee, who attended 15 hours of divorce hearings at London’s Islamic Sharia Council and the Birmingham Central Mosque Sharia.

Zee’s findings about the controversial courts – also known as councils – will be unveiled in Parliament next month.

They cannot overrule regular courts but have come under huge scrutiny in recent years for their alleged mistreatment of women.

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