West’s reaction to Turkish invasion – an exercise in hypocrisy

Just days ago, the mainstream Western press was so concerned about the “possible breach of Turkish airspace” for a few seconds by a Russian airplane, that it was ready to justify not only the downing of the jet, but even the murder of one of the pilots.

London’s The Daily Telegraph wrote: “Should Turkey produce evidence to show that the Su-24 was in its airspace then NATO must send the strongest message possible to Russia that such infractions will not be tolerated. If Moscow was seeking to test the resolve of NATO countries to defend their borders then President Putin has had his answer.” Please note: “the strongest message possible” is not to Turkey, which downed the plane, but to Russia, which lost two servicemen and the plane.

A few days passed, and all of NATO, including the US and the UK, is ready to condone a much bigger infraction by Turkey on the territory of the neighboring state of Iraq. A whole Turkish battalion, with tanks and ammunition, enters Iraq’s Mosul province and refuses to leave it, despite the protests of the Iraqi government.

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