Vice PM of Sweden wants even higher immigration than today

SWEDEN Although the issue of the immigration to Sweden has become the most important, where more and more voters are critical of the volumes, the Green Party’s spokesperson and Swedish Vice Prime Minister, Åsa Romson, opens for that Sweden in the future should receive even more people than the current numbers.

To the newspaper Dagens Industri, Romson says that a number of 50,000 to 100,000 immigrants per year to Sweden is way too low. That is the number current migration minister Morgan Johansson assesses that Sweden can handle. But Deputy PM Åsa Romson believes that level of immigration it is far too low.

– I do not agree with it. There should possibly be an assessment of our reception system, and we must have a system that can handle significantly more than that, says Romson to her ministerial colleague Johansson’s view on the matter.

Åsa Romson has previously distinguished herself as a politician who wants to see a very generous immigration policy, a line also used by the red-green government until late autumn of 2015 – when the immigration to Sweden broke records on a weekly basis with over 10 000 asylum seekers per week, equivalent to an annual rate of 500,000 people. That forced the government pull the emergency brake.

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1 Comment on Vice PM of Sweden wants even higher immigration than today

  1. L. Frans // 30/12/2015 om 02:18 //

    Het allerergste komt nog. Er worden nu 10-duizenden IS-vechters en hun familie geëvacueerd uit Syrië. Deze gaan allemaal naar Turkije en van Turkije naar Europa. Met dank aan de VN.


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