Indonesian ‘whipping girl’ caned for breaking Sharia Law ‘DID have sex with her lover’

The young woman whose savage whipping punishment in Indonesia shocked the world was singled out as an example because she was caught having sex with another college student, it can be revealed today.

Disturbing images of Nur Elita, 20, scream in agony and collapse as she was beaten with a bamboo cane outside Baiturrahumim Mosque, in Banda Aceh, shocked the world.

The student, who was said to have ‘stepped over the line of acceptance’, was rushed to hospital for treatment.

Humiliated: Indonesian student Nur Elita (pictured), 20, was flogged in public after the local 'religious police' caught her having sex with her college lover

She is screaming in agony, accused of kissing


She is screaming in agony, accused of kissing
As we approach 2016, many places in the world still use old brutal religious laws that originate from the 6th century and should have been obsolete ages ago. The obvious problem is that people in these places are so severely brainwashed by religion that they seem pleased with it.

On Monday, six people were caned in public for indecent behavior and gambling in the city of Banda Aceh in Indonesia – where sharia law applies.

According to the Jakarta Post, citing the news agency Antara, two students were among the six who were punished.

The two – a 23-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman – were punished for having had intimate contact (kissing) without being married. According to Reuters, the two are romantically involved.

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2 Comments on Indonesian ‘whipping girl’ caned for breaking Sharia Law ‘DID have sex with her lover’

  1. G.Deckzeijl // 31/12/2015 om 09:58 //

    Heb de foto’s goed bekeken.
    Ik krijg sterk de indruk dat het hele voorval in scene is gezet, omdat
    die bamboestok aan de dunne kant is.
    Iemand die er anders over denkt? Be my guest.


  2. G.Deckzeijl // 31/12/2015 om 10:00 //

    Ben ‘ns even aan het spitten geweest en bingo!
    Slechts 2 slagen…


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