Haatsjeik vertelt Engelse studenten dat je vrouwen mag slaan

‘It’s fine to hit a wife who doesn’t please you’: What Islamic cleric is telling students as he tours British universities unchallenged… and he’s not alone

  • Egyptian cleric Fadel Soliman told students to do the hitting with a stick
  • Preacher’s one of many extremists permitted to voice views unchallenged
  • Universities are legally required to stop extremists radicalising students
  • Up to 19 universities could now face an inquiry by education watchdog  



An Islamic cleric who defends domestic violence is among a string of extremist speakers touring British universities unchallenged, the Mail Investigations Unit can reveal.

Egyptian cleric Fadel Soliman spoke at five such events last year, using them to refer Muslim students to an online lecture series in which he speaks in favour of hitting women and outlines the Islamic case for sex slavery and polygamy.

Mr Soliman told students at Sheffield University that watching his lectures could be ‘a turning point’ in their lives.

In his extraordinary videos, he advises physical punishment for wives who have displeased their husbands, saying ‘the hitting must be done with a small stick’.

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2 Comments on Haatsjeik vertelt Engelse studenten dat je vrouwen mag slaan

  1. It seems that the brains of a muslim are in his cross!.


  2. England is nog veel verder in verdoemenis en de ban van de duivel dan Europa, daar moeten ze echt op hun tellen passen, kan zomaar veel koppen gaan rollen, maar iedereen lijdt daar aan zware staar en zien alleen nog zwarte vlekken/vlaggen.


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