Meerderheid Britten wil nu uit EU

Britons ready to QUIT EU: Huge boost for campaign to leave as migrant crisis continues

Support for a British exit from the 28-nation bloc has hardened significantly, according to research.

The “Brexit” boost follows terrorist attacks in France, the sex attacks scandal in Germany and the EU-wide migrant crisis.

A new opinion poll gives the “out” campaign a sensational six per cent lead.

Polling firm Survation found that the number of voters who want the UK to cut ties with Brussels is at the highest level for more than two decades.

The poll – showing 53 per cent of voters in favour of quitting the EU against 47 per cent wanting to stay in – delighted campaigners for an EU exit last night.

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3 Comments on Meerderheid Britten wil nu uit EU

  1. Me too, and im Dutch.


  2. Een schaap over de ……………………………en er volgen er meer.


  3. G.Deckzeijl // 19/01/2016 om 11:19 //

    Juncker en consorten denken het ei van Columbus gevonden te hebben.


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