(zelf)islamisering; BBC vindt dat ze teveel christelijke- en te weinig moslimprogramma’s uitzendt

The BBC has accused itself of being too Christian in its output – and is considering scrapping some of its long-running programmes in favour of shows for Muslim, Hindu and Sikh audiences.

Aaqil Ahmed, the broadcaster’s head of religion and ethics, compiled a report following consultation with non-Christians who expressed their belief that the BBC is disproportionate in its religious content.

The feeling is that while there are plenty of shows that celebrate Christianity, there are too few for other faiths.

BBC director general Lord Hall has been handed the dossier and is believed to be giving thorough consideration to its suggestions.

It comes after last week’s white paper on the BBC ordered the broadcaster to offer more for ethnic minorities.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3591301/BBC-says-airs-Christian-content-produce-shows-Muslims-Hindus-Sikhs.html#ixzz48lHObZur

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3 Comments on (zelf)islamisering; BBC vindt dat ze teveel christelijke- en te weinig moslimprogramma’s uitzendt

  1. edjan // 16/05/2016 om 14:04 //

    Fubar is ook veel te christelijk. Foei!
    Plaats toch eens wat artikelen over de godsdienst van de vrede!


  2. edjan // 16/05/2016 om 14:05 //

    En ergens een hoekje waar wij bidden kunnen.


  3. edjan // 16/05/2016 om 14:06 //

    En niet meer dat beledigende gedoe. En ook geen blote vrouwen meer (ai, dat deed zeer)


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