islam, de religie van het medeleven, doneert $87.000 aan de familie van de moordenaar van Orlando

Muslim Community Donates $87,000 To Family of Orlando Shooter

According to several recent reports, the Muslim community has made a donation in excess of $87,000 to the family of Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen.

It’s currently unknown how the funds will be distributed, however it’s been said that the majority of the $87,000 will be allocated to Omar Mateen’s widow Noor Salman and father Seddique Mateen. Sources indicate that the remaining funds will be distributed among Omar’s siblings. Prior to distributing the donation, the Mateen family is expected to provide Omar with a ‘proper Islamic funeral’.

The whereabouts of Omar Mateen’s widow Noor Salman are currently unknown and cause for controversy as rumors of her potential grand jury indictment in connection to her husband’s June 12th shooting spree circulate throughout social media and on-line news publications. It’s clear to authorities that Omar Mateen’s father Seddique Mateen, knows where Noor Salman is and has maintained contact with her since her disappearance on June 15th 2016.

Many are surprised by the donation made on behalf of the Muslim community as Muslim community leaders have largely spoken out against the actions of Omar Mateen since the mass-shooting occurred during the early hours of June 12, 2016.

According to reports, the $87,000 was comprised of donations made on behalf of several Islamic Cultural Centers throughout the United States.

News of the donation has been a topic of discussion and controversy among social media users who view the near $100k donation as a blatant show of support for the killer’s actions.

Via een ‘linkis’-linkje. Sommigen houden daar niet van dus ik vermeld het even.

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