Oostenrijks zwembad verbiedt burkini’s, want vies

Austrian swimming pool BANS Muslim women from wearing burkini

A SWIMMING pool in Austria has BANNED Muslim women from wearing the ‘burkini’ over hygiene concerns.

The Austrian town of Hainfeld has put a stop to the total-body swimsuit – complete with head covering – triggered by the country’s far-right Freedom Party.

Mr Terzer also called for tighter security amid reports of a rise in sexual assaults at swimming baths in Austria.

Most recently, authorities in the Austrian town of Mistelbach issued a temporary ban on refugees after a 13-year-old was allegedly sexually assaulted by a young man, supposedly an asylum seeker from a nearby shelter.

The officials posted a sign saying “today no entry for refugees” in the wake of the incident.

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3 Comments on Oostenrijks zwembad verbiedt burkini’s, want vies

  1. …en op een dag begon het gaskamers te regenen en toen de bui over was was het hele land smettenvrij…


  2. excuses: gaskamers=douchecabines natuurlijk. Freud en zo.

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