We’re Going To Reveal The Political Biases Of Facebook’s Trending News Team

Earlier today, Pamela Geller announced here on Breitbart that she plans to sue Facebook due to the platform’s constant, systemic, and unfair suspensions of conservative users. It’s a battle that’s been a long time coming for the social network, and over the next few days Breitbart will highlight precisely why.

This is a platform that’s happy to suspend activists like Geller over the slightest hint of wrongdoing, and only restores them once enough media pressure is applied. Meanwhile, it lets pages glorifying the murder of American policemen to stay up even when alerted to their presence on the site by concerned users. The company is already facing a lawsuit in Israel for allegedly allowing incitement to terrorism to remain on the platform.

In May, Facebook attempted to wriggle out of the Trending News scandal, in which it was revealed that the platform suppressed news topics of interest to conservatives, by releasing the results of an internal investigation. The report claimed there was no systemic liberal bias at the company. In other words, Facebook investigated Facebook and found Facebook innocent.

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  1. Gerrit Tienkamp // 14/07/2016 om 10:57 //

    Dit is op Gerrit Tienkamp herblogd.


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