Toronto mosque: Chopping off thieves’ hands will decrease crime rate

Salaheddin mosque, located at 741 Kennedy Road in Scarborough, Ontario, provides an online guide to Islam, explaining the tenants of Islamic faith and providing a glimpse on the Islamic Law with its practical implications.

The authors, Daniel Masters and Dr. Zakir Naik, believe that the implementation of the Islamic Law (Sharia) in America will have a positive effect on the society, bring justice and decrease the crime rate. They support the chopping off thieves’ hands as a deterrence for criminals, polygamy, early marriage and banning alcohol.

The following are excerpts from the online guide which was posted on the official website of Salaheddin mosque under the section “Islamic FAQ”:

What is Islam? Islam is the name of the religion, or more properly the ‘way of life’, which God has revealed…

Islam specifically means being in the state of submission to God, worshipping Him Alone, and reverently accepting and obeying His Law. Through this submission, the peace, security, and wholesome well-being implied in its literal meaning is achieved…

The message of Islam is meant for the entire world… Islam has always been a universal message for all people…

Islam is without doubt the best religion and the only religion that is from The Creator of the universe.

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1 Comment on Toronto mosque: Chopping off thieves’ hands will decrease crime rate

  1. Toronto mosque: Chopping off thieves’ hands will decrease crime rate
    So will chopping off muslims heads 🙂

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