Islam in UK: Ramadan Fast Investigated as Cause of Derailed Train

Rail safety chiefs investigated whether a Muslim driver’s Ramadan fast caused a London train to derail.

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) report stated that the train’s driver was fasting and woke to eat a light meal at 2.30am the night prior to the incident. It noted that fasting can cause notable problems for people’s concentration. Each year, Muslim countries see a dramatic rise in traffic accidents during Ramadan. During the Islamic holy month Muslims fast during daylight.

The derailment took place in June, at Paddington station, after the train’s driver passed a signal on red.

The train hit a large mast which carries overhead cables, bringing them down, which resulted in the busy station having to close for the rest of the evening.  Blocking the lines at the height of rush hour in the capital, the derailment caused huge delays for commuters.

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Ramadan moet verboden worden. Ramadan is een gevaar.

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