islam en free speech

OIC, EU en islamofobie

@Fub_Fub Ze blijven het maar pushen die oic en ze komen steeds een stapje verder met ons de mond te snoeren. — Fubar (@Fub_Fub) 24 september [...]

24/09/2014 // 2 Comments

Met censuur los je niks op

We gaan geen islamitische gruwelen niet meer vertonen want straks denkt u nog dat de islam niet lief, leuk en aardig is Cameron wil filmpjes verbieden, Opstelten (die man die [...]

23/08/2014 // 4 Comments

Paul Weston Interview

@Vladtepesblog So if the charge is incitement to racial hatred and he was quoting Churchill-will they ban Churchill’s books? Unbelievable!!! — Nora Llopart [...]

28/04/2014 // 0 Comments

Sharia Law In Europe

Sharia law entered Europe after World War II when the weakened European nations withdrew from their colonies, bringing to Europe their former colonial subjects as refugees [...]

31/01/2014 // 1 Comment

Taqiyya Trials in Europe

By Enza Ferreri The issue of taqiyya – the religious permission, indeed virtue, of Muslim deception to infidels for the good of Islam – is such a uniquely crucial aspect [...]

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